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      Plan "NOW" to attend  our Springl Samboree  - The dates for the Samboree are: March 19-22 , 2015, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry, Ga. - (I-75 exit 135).  All Camping Sites are Full Hookup /w All Activites and Vendor booths in Total Air Conditioned Buildings- Our Theme this Spring will be : " Wearin' of the Green".   ===> Plan to Support Our Vendors By, Buying Those Needed "Treasures" At The Samboree. This Helps Keep Your Costs Low. The Samboree Registration  & Vendor Applications can now be printed  under the "Samborees" tab - Then Click the respective "Application".  The other State  Websites, can also be downloaded on our Website under the "Links" tab.


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If you didn’t make it to the Fall Samboree you missed a good one.  The weather was fabulous with just a little bit of rain on Saturday evening.  Once that brief rain shower went through the weather was great.  There was a great turn-out for the Samboree Prom with 18 contestant couples and a couple of single entries.  The judges selected Linda Barnwell as Prom Queen and Ben Kay as Prom King and they were crowned immediately after the announcement of the winners.  We think (and hope) everyone had a lot of fun.  Some of the statistics as well as pictures will be found in other places in this newsletter. 

The Good Sams with Mini-Sams Chapter gained two new member families at the Samboree and is growing.   If you or someone you know has young children that want to camp and be a part of a Chapter please contact me and I will put you in touch with Shannon and Peter, Chapter President.

If you enjoyed the chance to learn to drive an RV with Ralph Miller of the Chattanooga Camping World Store and also the art class and hot dog lunch and want to see more of Ralph please drop a note to MLemonis@campingworld.com and let him know you want more of the training by Ralph Miller.

The Spring Samboree is just a few months down the road and we are working hard to make it a fun and successful Samboree as well.  We are working on booking the entertainment and should have all of that in place within a few weeks.

We had 250 rigs present with a lot of First Timers (41).  We would again ask that if you have some first timers camped with your Chapter please do the cordial thing and ask them to join your Chapter at Samgo, Entertainment, and whatever games your Chapter may be playing.  The main reason our Treasurer and Wagon Master parks first timers with your chapter is for Chapter growth.  By encouraging them to participate with your chapter you may just get some new members at the Samboree.

We hope all of you will again join us in March for our “Wearin’ of the Green” Samboree named such as it starts the day after St. Patrick’s day and there will be plenty of green available for costumes and table decorations for which we will again have contests for each. 

We will be collecting blankets again for Project Linus (and Joan Anderson will be doing a class on making blankets).  We will also be collecting items for the VA hospital in Dublin.  The VA hospital plans to host another information expo fpor our veterans at the Samboree. They plan on bringing someone from every clinic at the hospital such as eyes, hearing, heart, and others.  Make sure your veterans are there to receive all this information.

Fall has arrived officially and the weather has cooled down into the 50’s, at least as I write this here at the North Carolina Samboree.

Rick and Louise